Clean Stride Indoor Adhesive Scraper/Wiper Mat Frame

Clean Stride Adhesive Wiper/Finishing Mat Frame
Andersen [411] Clean Stride Indoor Adhesive Wiper/Finishing Floor Mat - Frame Only - 1/4" ThicknessAndersen [411] Clean Stride Indoor Adhesive Wiper/Finishing Floor Mat - Frame Only - 1/4" Thickness
Scraper/Wiper - Indoor - Frame

Inserts Not Included With Purchase of Mat Frame.

  • With two footsteps on the Clean Stride adhesive insert (sold separately), over 90% of dirt particles are removed
  • Provides highly effective dirt and dust removal methods
  • Ideal for factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, health care facilities and more
  • Not recommended for wet areas

SKU#: AM-410RF

  • Product Type:Scraper/Wiper Mat
  • Traffic Type:Medium/High
  • Thickness:1/4"
To Order - Please select size, color, backing & quantity.Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed. Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate. During the manufacturing process the curing stage can cause the mat to shrink 1% - 3%. This is an industry standard, please take into consideration before ordering. Colors can vary on different monitors/devices, if you are looking for a specific tone please order a sample.
Mat Size 1 - 6 7 - 30 31+ Normally: Qty
26.5" x 32" (Frame) $36.84 $35.55 $33.77
36.5" x 46" (Frame) $65.39 $63.09 $59.94
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Full Specifications

  • Available in two versions: Carpet/Rubber Frame with adhesive insert or Rubber frame only with adhesive insert. Adhesive inserts sold separately.
  • With two footsteps on Clean Stride adhesive insert, over 90% of dirt particles are removed
  • The Clean Stride adhesive insert is comprised of 60 layers of adhesive coated film. Each layer will perform many times before it must be peeled away. Each layer is numbered to ensure one sheet at a time removal and to indicate the number of layers remaining
  • Not recommended for wet areas
  • Recommended uses factories, computer rooms, warehouses, school gymnasiums, healthcare facilities and more

Certifications & Warranty Information

NFSI Certified Slip Resistant
NFSI Certified Slip Resistant

In the marketplace, architects, designers, and specifiers are being educated to select products that are NFSI certified in high-risk areas. It is their assurance that the products have been clinically tested and meet the highest performance standards.

This is just another indication that Andersen is leading the industry with the highest performing, most innovative, and now the safest mats available.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can partner with and the Andersen Company knowing that we will always stand behind our products and services.

In the mat industry, Andersen mats are where design and function come together, where quality isn't compromised to meet a price point, and where solutions to your maintenance and decor problems come first.

All Andersen mats feature a 100% customer satisfaction warranty for the life of the product!

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