Magna-Grip Slip Resistant Rug Underlay - 36" x 60"

Magna-Grip Slip Resistant Rug Underlay - 36" x 60"

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Certain types of carpet, particulary very dense cut pile, commercial and plush carpet with soft padding, can lead to mats "walking". Non-skid mat underlay pads can be utilized on all floor surfaces to help pervent this situation, which can occur during normal use.

This revolutionary product is used in conjunction with "Carpet Cleats" to achieve maximum performance. This product utilizes an adhesive that bonds with the carpet, keeping it in place when mats are changed out to minimize service issues.

NOTE: Not recommended for installations with significant cart traffic.

  • Product Type:Non-Slip Rug-Over-Carpet Pad
  • Color:Gray
  • Dimensions:36" x 60" (Use w/ 4' x 6')

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