Diamond Switchboard Non-Conductive Runner Mat

Diamond Switchboard Interior Non-Conductiver Runner Mat
Anti-Static/Non-Conductive Anti-Fatigue Switchboard Floor Mat Runner - Black - Diamond Plate - 1/4" Thickness1/4" Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting. Type II, Class 2 meets additional testing for Flame, Oil and Ozone resistance. Protects workers from electrical shock by insulating against high voltage. Diamond Plate matting conforms to ASTM testing D-178-01. Tested dielectric strength 30,000 volts. Maximum use voltage is 17,000 volts.
Non-Conductive - Indoor
  • Type II, Class 2 meets additional testing for Flame, Oil and Ozone resistance
  • Protects workers from electrical shock by insulating against high voltage
  • Diamond Plate matting conforms to ASTM testing D-178-01
  • Tested dielectric strength 30,000 volts
  • Maximum use voltage is 17,000 volts
   Made in USA

SKU#: AM-783

  • Product Type:Anti-Static Mat
  • Traffic Type:Medium/High Area
  • Thickness:1/4"
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Full Specifications

  • Maximum use voltage is 17,000 voltes (Tested per ASTM D 178-01 to 30,000 volts)
  • CLASS 2
  • Ozone, flame, and oil resistant
  • 1/4" thick
  • Anti-Static/Conductive: Ranges from 103-106 ohms per square. Prevents build-up of static by removing static charge quickly. This matting should not be used in volatile or explosive environments and must be properly grounded at regular intervals.
  • Anti-Static/Static Dissipative: Ranges from 106-1010 ohms per square. Quickly removes a static charge without creating a spark. Grounding cords are required for optimal performance.

Certifications & Warranty Information

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Maintenance & Cleaning Recommendations

Daily Cleaning

  • Switchboard matting should be cleaned daily by sweeping or brushing to remove loose soil and debris. These impurities can cause excessive wear on the surface of the mats and shorten product life.
  • The floor under the mats should also be kept as clean and dry as possible to protect the bottom of the mats and reduce mat movement. Why does the floor get discolored underneath a floor mat?

2. Routine Cleaning

  • On a regular basis, anti-fatigue mats should be cleaned with water-based cleaners to remove oil and grease where needed. We do not recommend the use of solvent-based cleaners. It is important to use cleaners strong enough with proper agitation to remove fats and other food related oils. Research has shown that even grease-proof rubber can be affected by grease and oil if the grease and oil are allowed to remain in contact with the mat for extended periods of time.
  • We recommend thorough cleaning at least weekly to avoid prolonged contact of grease with the rubber.
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