ESD Ortho Anti-Fatigue Mat

ESD Ortho Anti-Fatigue Mat
ESD Anti-Fatigue
  • Promotes employee wellness
  • Immediate increase in productivity and employee moral
  • Guaranteed increased reduction of exposrue to prolonged cold, heat and vibration
  • Reduces spinal compression and increases circulation
  • Chemical resistant
  • Completed with safety bevel
  • Non-allergenic, latex and silicone free
  • Life Expectancy: 3-8 years
   Made in USA


  • Product Type:ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Traffic Type:Medium
  • Thickness:5/8"
  • Color:Black
To Order - Please select size, color, backing & quantity.Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed. Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate. During the manufacturing process the curing stage can cause the mat to shrink 1% - 3%. This is an industry standard, please take into consideration before ordering. Colors can vary on different monitors/devices, if you are looking for a specific tone please order a sample.
Mat Size 1+ Normally: Qty
20" x 36" $74.95
30" x 36" $111.95
36" x 60" $222.95
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Full Specifications

  • Warranty: Guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for two years, including premature wear
  • Closed cell, non-absorbent
  • Non-allergenic, latex and silicone free
  • Resistance point to point - 5 x 10(5) OHMS
  • Charge decay time, 5000 volts to 100 volts
  • FTMS 101C, Method 4046 - < 0.01 seconds
  • Durometer 45, ASTM D-2240 - 50 seconds
  • Burn Test, UL94HBF - Passed
  • Self extinguished in 10 seconds, burned 1/4"
  • ESD Ortho Mats are complete with safety bevel
Product Testing
  • Burn Test UL94 HBF: Passed
  • NFSI tested and approved

Certifications & Warranty Information

NFSI Certified Slip Resistant
Pro-Tech ESD Ortho Electro Static Discharge Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

In the marketplace, architects, designers, and specifiers are being educated to select products that are NFSI certified in high-risk areas. It is their assurance that the products have been clinically tested and meet the highest performance standards.

Maintenance & Cleaning Recommendations

  • Can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, chlorine, or acid based cleaners
  • Okay to steam clean
  • Maximum temperature of 250 degrees
  • For disinfectant cleaning follow normal protocol
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