Sweepovac Self-Contained Vacuum

Sweepovac Self-Contained Kitchen Vacuum

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Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum

Ditch the dustpan and get sweeped away with the revolutionary Sweepovac! This self-contained vacuum eliminates that dirt-line left behind by the dustpan. With DIY installation, just install the Sweepovac in the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Does not require a central vacuuming system!

The Sweepovac's strong suction removes dirt within seconds and its sleek design allows for no loss of space. Just sweep the debris infront of the vacuum and kick on the switch. The Sweepovac will suck it all away!

Installation: Cut the opening in kitchen cabinets by using the enclosed template. Screw the unit in place and then plug it in with the included power cord.

  • Product Type:Self-Contained Vacuum
  • Application:Kitchens
  • Size:14-7/8" x 4-1/2" H x 18-1/4" D
  • Includes:Optional White Faceplate
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