Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat - Rubber Backing

Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Entrance Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat - Rubber BackingColorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat - Rubber BackingColorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat - Rubber BackingColorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat - Rubber Backing
Wiper Mat - Indoor
  • Replace your rental mats with this heavy, double thick wiper mat
  • Heavy, 35 oz./sq. yd. nylon face creates the ultimate wiping surface
  • Double thick Nitrile rubber backing keeps mat stable, even with cart traffic
  • 7/16" thick
  • Solution dyed nylon face will not fade over time
  • Available with cleated backing for placement on carpet or smooth backing for hard floor surfaces
  • Recommended for use in grocery stores, airports, educational facilities, Class A buildings or any high traffic entrance way
  • Custom Option Available in 3’, 4’, 5', 6’ widths up to 40 feet. Call 888-226-2724 or email for a quote
Recycled Content of Mat: 10.9%   Made in USA

SKU#: AM-180

  • Product Type:Wiper Mat
  • Traffic Type:High Traffic
  • Thickness:7/16"
To Order - Please select size, color, backing & quantity.Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed. Please Note: Mat sizes are approximate. During the manufacturing process the curing stage can cause the mat to shrink 1% - 3%. This is an industry standard, please take into consideration before ordering. Colors can vary on different monitors/devices, if you are looking for a specific tone please order a sample.
Mat Size Approximate Size 1 - 6 7 - 30 31+ Normally: Color Backing Qty
2' x 3' 24" x 35" $37.60 $35.81 $34.71
3' x 4' 35" x 47" $68.77 $65.49 $63.48
3' x 5' 35" x 59" $86.28 $82.17 $79.65
3' x 10' 35" x 118" $173.43 $165.17 $160.09
4' x 6' 45" x 69" $129.48 $123.32 $119.52
4' x 8' 45" x 95" $173.98 $165.70 $160.60
3' x 12' $244.90 $225.16 $193.89
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Custom Mat Sizes Available

Available Mat Colors - (Click Swatch For Larger Image)

Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat
Colorstar Plush Indoor Wiper Mat

Full Specifications

  • Backing: Nitrile rubber for maximum oil resistance, weight reduction and flexibility.
  • Body Thickness: 90 Mils
  • Border Thickness: 90 Mils
  • Substrate: Freudenberg LUTRADUR Polyester Spunbond Non-woven Fabric 3.8 oz./square yard (130 grams per square meter)
  • Twist: Each strand of yarn contains two plys of fiber that have been twisted individually 5.25 turns per inch and then twisted together at 5.25 turns per inch
  • Weight: 35 oz. per square yard (1187 grams per square meter)
  • Yarn: Solution Dyed Nylon, Type 6 Nylon
Product Testing:
  • Flammability: Passes Flammability Standard FF2-70
  • Static Control: Passes AATCC134 electrostatic propensity test rated at less than 1KV. Satisfies IBM test requirements.
  • Slip Resistance: Certified by National Floor Safety Institute

Certifications & Warranty Information

NFSI Certified Slip Resistant
NFSI Certified Slip Resistant

In the marketplace, architects, designers, and specifiers are being educated to select products that are NFSI certified in high-risk areas. It is their assurance that the products have been clinically tested and meet the highest performance standards.

This is just another indication that Andersen is leading the industry with the highest performing, most innovative, and now the safest mats available.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can partner with and the Andersen Company knowing that we will always stand behind our products and services.

In the mat industry, Andersen mats are where design and function come together, where quality isn't compromised to meet a price point, and where solutions to your maintenance and decor problems come first.

All Andersen mats feature a 100% customer satisfaction warranty for the life of the product!

Maintenance & Cleaning Recommendations

1. Daily Cleaning

  • Extract, clean or hose off as needed to remove heavy soil. Hang mats to dry before placing them back in service.
  • The floor under the mats should also be kept as clean and dry as possible to protect the bottom of the mats and reduce mat movement. Why does the floor get discolored underneath a floor mat?

2. Routine Cleaning

  • Vacuum regularly: daily in high traffic applications, and weekly in lower traffic applications
  • We recommend thorough cleaning at least weekly to avoid prolonged contact of grease with the rubber.
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