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Anti-Static Floor Mats - Anti-Fatigue

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These Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue & Slip-Resistant Floor Mats provide a safe, productive surface in occupations that require long periods of standing. Under these conditions, leg muscles become static, restricting blood flow. Reduced blood flow causes fatigue. Anti-Fatigue mats allow leg muscles to contract and expand increasing blood flow thus reducing fatigue.

  • Anti-Static/Conductive: Ranges from 103-106 ohms per square. Prevents build-up of static by removing static charge quickly. This matting should not be used in volatile or explosive environments and must be properly grounded at regular intervals.
  • Anti-Static/Static Dissipative: Ranges from 106-1010 ohms per square. Quickly removes a static charge without creating a spark. Grounding cords are required for optimal performance.
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