Anti-Fatigue Mats Are Not Just For Factories

Anti-Fatigue Mat Primer

  • SOFT = Comfort
  • SUPPORT = Fatigue Relief
  • SOFT + SUPPORT = High Performance, Ergonomic Matting

Available Floor Mats:

Anti-fatigue mats are essential for workers who spend their days on their feet.

Anti-Fatigue Mats work wonders for foot, leg, and lower back pain. It has been shown that workers actually get less tired and perform better when standing on anti-fatigue mats.

A common problem is many business owners do not think of the potential applications for the anti-fatigue mats. Everyone knows that factories use anti-fatigue mats at workstations but there are limitless opportunities in the commercial sector. Below are some good applications for anti-fatigue mats.


Hotels are a great place for anti-fatigue mats. Potential applications include the reception desk and concierge desk. A good product to suggest for this area is the Hog Heaven Plush. You can give them a product that not only fells great to stand on but also has a beautiful carpet surface that will not detract from the hotels appearance. Another possible application is in larger hotels laundry facilities. A rubber surface like Hog Heaven, Happy Feet, Comfort Flow or Comfort Scrape are good options for the workers washing and folding the laundry.

Retail/Grocery/Department Stores:

Grocery stores and other large retailers have employees standing all day at checkout stands. Carpet top and rubber top anti-fatigue mats are both possibilities for this application. Just think about the number of cash registers in your area and you can get an idea of the opportunities for all Hog Heaven mats, Happy Feet mats. Grocery stores are also good prospects for Comfort Flow mats in their Deli and Butcher shops.


Banks can use many anti-fatigue mats because they have tellers standing in one place all through the day. Banks can also appreciate the different anti-fatigue options that do not look industrial.


Schools and restaurants are also potential applications for anti-fatigue mats, especially in the kitchen areas. The Comfort Flow mats are great for food service areas because they are lightweight, grease proof, and have a low profile.

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