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Anti-Fatigue Mats - Look Down & Around

Anti-Fatigue Mat Primer

  • SOFT = Comfort
  • SUPPORT = Fatigue Relief
  • SOFT + SUPPORT = High Performance, Ergonomic Matting

Available Floor Mats:

A good rule for determining whether there are opportunities for anti-fatigue mats is: "LOOK DOWN AND LOOK AROUND", you never know what you might find.

Opportunities to place anti-fatigue mats can be found in almost any facility where people work today. From industrial operations to retail shops, many jobs require employees to stand for extended periods in specific locations. An inspection of any facility will find opportunities to improve work areas and therefore improve productivity.

Most people think of anti-fatigue as just something to "make the floor softer".

Experts tell us that well-designed anti-fatigue matting can do much more. Any employee who is required to stand for extended periods is subject to becoming distracted with the discomfort that can result from the incorrect type of support underfoot. Good anti-fatigue mats are firm enough to hold up to the long-term wear and tear of daily use while providing enough cushioning to relieve stress and discomfort.

Another issue concerning anti-fatigue mats is traction. Work areas that are slippery, cause workers to spend extra energy keeping their footing. Good anti-fatigue mats provide a surface that is worry-free as well as comfortable.

There are many opportunities for anti-fatigue mat placement. A visit with the Safety Director of an industrial facility will probably result in the discovery of many areas where mats could be provided as an improvement to the operation. Other opportunities for anti-fatigue mats exist in retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Even in facilities that use anti-fatigue mats, often the mats are worn out or are past their useful life.

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