Green Matting Solutions For Your Entire Facility

Time To Green Your Facility

Green Cleaning is cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. A green cleaning program, in unison with a proactive facility maintenance program can provide numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved productivity of building occupants
  • Improved health of the cleaning staff and building occupants, which may result in a reduction in sick days
  • Reduced liability from worker safety issues
  • Enhanced brand equity
  • Meeting local, state, or federal purchase guidelines and earning points towards certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

How do mats play a part in green cleaning?

The U.S. Green Building Council has developed a rating system for new and existing buildings to promote the design and implementation of cleaning programs using environmentally preferable products and processes that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment.

Strategies Include:

  • Creation and maintenance of entrance systems
  • Mats that prevent particles from entering the building

To be successful, the mat's construction and performance are essential to do what an entrance mat should do. (Four Things An Entrance Mat Should Do

How Matting Helps:

  • 70% to 80% of floor-damaging soil is tracked in from daily traffic through building entrances
  • Tracked-in dirt damages all types of flooring - carpet, tile, wood - and creates dust
  • Unprotected entrance flooring can accumulate up to two pounds of dirt per square yard, more in inclement weather
  • It can cost, at a minimum, $750 to remove one pound of dirt from a facility
  • Dirty, wet, and slippery floors are hazardous and present a poor image for a building and its occupants

Green Entrance Mats Should:

  • Stop soil and water - Using high-performance mats will stop soil from entering your building
  • Contain soil and water for removal at a convenient time
  • Minimize tracking of contained soil and water into the building
  • Mats should have a dual-level construction that will store soil and water below shoe level
  • Provide a safe surface for traffic that is free of potential slip/fall accidents


View LEED-EB Facility Rating System Overview for a full breakdown of the LEED-EB Rating system

LEED-EB Points Breakdown

Choosing the right combination of mats for both inside and outside the building provides a safe, effective, and attractive surface.

Eco-Friendly Scraper Entrance Mats

Scraper mats are deisgned to stop mud and larger particles of dirt from being tracked inside buildings. These mats provide aggressive scraping action and trap dirt and debri in recessed areas until the mats are cleaned. Scraper Entrance mats can be used outside or inside and should be used in conjunction with a Scraper/Wiper Mat and a Wiper Mat.

View available Eco-Friendly Scraper Entrance Mats

Eco-Friendly Scraper/Wiper Entrance Mats

Wiper/Scraper Entrance Mats are designed to provide scraping action and wiping to further stop dirt and moisture from entering a facility. These mats are typically made of tough fabrics. They channel and retain dust in recessed grooves while absorbing moisture in the fabric face. Scraper/Wiper Mats are primarily used inside buy may be used ouside as well (where indicated). These mats should be used in conjunction with a Scraper Mat and a Wiper Mat for maximum performance.

View available Eco-Friendly Scraper/Wiper Entrance Mats

Eco-Friendly Wiper Entrance Mats

Wiper Floor Mats are designed to stop any remaining dust and moisture left after using a scraper mat and scraper/wiper mat. These mats are made with carpet facing to complement most interiors. Wiper Mats are for indoor use and when used in conjunction with a Scraper Mat and Scraper/Wiper Mat, they can stop as much as 70% to 80% of dirt and grime from being tracked into a building.

View available Eco-Friendly Wiper Entrance Mats

Eco-Friendly Anti-Fatigue & Cushion Mats

Anti-Fatigue and Cushion Mats are available in a wide range of sizes, weights and materials. It has been proven that the proper use of anti-fatigue mats can enhance worker productivity by over 20%. These anti-fatigue mats are designed for use wherever workers spend time standing and will help to eliminate muscular skeletal disorders.

View available Eco-Friendly Anti-Fatigue & Cushion Mats

Eco-Friendly Flow-Through Mats

Flow-Through Mats allow liquids to pass through them to eliminate slip hazards. Anti-Fatigue properties provide comfort when standing for long periods of time. The thick rubber helps alleviate stress on the legs, feet and lower back. Flow-Through Mats are primarily used indoors however, when applicable, work perfectly in outdoor situations where slip-resistance is necessary.

View available Eco-Friendly Flow-Through Mats

Eco-Friendly Floor Mat Runners

Eco-Friendly Floor Mat Runners are designed to provide safe footing with minimum movement in any environment. Floor Runners are ideal for numerous production locations, walkways, gym floor protection, parts counters, lab areas and food service applications.

View available Eco-Friendly Floor Mat Runners

Matting Disposal Concerns
Matting Disposal Concerns

One of the most important parts of the Green Building Program is concern for the environment, including the use of products that can help reduce the need for landfills.

The key issue with mats is a mat's performance lifespan.

High-performance mats can have a performance life of many years. Many of the high-performance products available through our online catalog have extended warranties, some up to 6 years. Other mats with inexpensive construction have a 90 to 180-day performance life.

To function effectively in a green building, sustainability is key. Low-performance mats will need to be replaced more frequently causing a disposal issue.

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