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Floor Mat Traffic Usage & Placement Guidelines

Entrance Mat Types:

The Right Mat For The Job

Entrance matting is the only preventive solution to minimize the accumulation of dirt in your building. As the first line of defense, remember that a proper arrangement of 15 linear feet of entrance matting will prevent up to 85% of the accumulated dirt from spreading onto your floors.

Foot Traffic Types

There are four types of foot traffic within any given facility. After establishing the entrance mat type needed, we suggest that you then determine the average foot traffic for the area that the mat will be placed. In addition to having the best performance for the usage area, a properly placed mat based on foot traffic ensures that the most cost effective solution has been applied in terms of initial and long term maintenance costs.


Under 250 foot traffic per day.

  • Small Business
  • Boutiques
  • Side Entrance


Between 250 & 3,000 foot traffic per day.

  • Office Building
  • Small Retail Store
  • Bank/Postal Service
  • Car Dealership
  • Church
  • Motel & Inn


Up to 5,000 foot traffic per day.

  • Convenience Store
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Theater
  • Museum
  • Convention Center


Over 5,000 foot traffic per day.

  • University
  • Airport
  • Hospital
  • Large Retail Store
  • Shopping Mall
  • School

Getting The Best Results

To maximize the performance of a properly placed entrance mat system, use three types of mats in the following combination:

Scraper Entrance Mats, Commercial Doormats, Outdoor Scraper Entrance Matting & Carpets


  • Exterior usage or between two doors
  • Aggressive scraper surface, which will capture the majority of dirt from the soles of shoes
  • Does not absorb moisture, which facilitates maintenance
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Scraper/Wiper Entrance Mats, Commercial Doormats, Indoor Scraper Entrance Matting & Carpets


  • Interior usage or between two doors
  • Irregular surface which enables trapping the moderate dirt that was not captured at the scraper level
  • Moderately retains water and moisture that may later evaporate or be extracted at the right time
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Wiper Floor Mats, Commercial Floor Mats, Indoor Wiper Matting & Carpets


  • Interior usage
  • Plays a major role in the retention of water and fine dust
  • Minimizes the risk of slipping and falling related to wet entrances and corridors
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