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Crown Mats Warranty Information

This warrany is subject to change without notice.

Crown Mats and Matting stands behind its products! Our promise to you: if our products do not reduce your maintenance costs or do not contribute to the well being of your employees, we will do everything in our power to give you satisfaction.

Products that carry the Total Confidence Warranty:


Crown Mats and Matting warrants new products against defects in material and workmanship when maintained as instructed in Crown Use and Care Product Information sheets included with each product. The obligation under this warranty is limited to the original user and to the replacement, repair, or pro-rated refund of said product. Materials must be returned freight prepaid when requested for inspection to obtain this warranty. Freight charges will be credited when goods are deemed warrantable.

Crown Mats and Matting reserves the right for final determination of warranty coverage. The start date of this warranty is the date goods were shipped from the factory. This date is validated by customer purchase order number or Crown invoice number.


Crown warrants new products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year when maintained as instructed in Crown Use and Care Product Information sheets.

This Warranty Is Not Applicable Under The Following Circumstances:

  1. Improper use, application, or cleaning of the product. Refer to the Crown catalog or website for recommended application, chemical resistance & environmental information
  2. Normal wear
  3. Use of this product for other than its intended purpose
  4. Failure due to lack of proper maintenance as described in Crown Use and Care Instructions packed with each product
  5. Products that have been altered in any way

If a problem with a Crown product develops during the warranty period, you may contact us.


Carpet Top matting not specified otherwise falls under Crown’s Limited One Year Warranty policy. The life expectancy of an entrance mat can vary dramatically depending on a multitude of factors such as: amount of foot traffic, exposure to soils, oils, caustic chemicals or fluids, excessive temperatures, cleaning and maintenance schedule, etc. Crown warrants entrance mats against manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover cuts, burns, staining, soiling, matting of fiber, fading or flattening of pattern, or fiber loss due to abnormal use or application. This warranty does not cover torn or chipped vinyl nosing due to normal wear or misuse. Please note the following tips for Carpet Top Entrance Matting:

  • Shedding or Fuzzing - A shedding or fuzzing condition on new carpet top mats is not a carpet defect. This is a common occurrence to all new fabrics. This will disappear after a few vacuumings.
  • Storage and Handling - Matting should be rolled with carpet facing out and should be clean and dry. Matting should never be stored on end. This will cause the edging to curl and will void the warranty. Store rolled mat flat in a dry area. Do not stack any materials on top of mat.
  • Placing Entrance Mats - When placing an entrance mat into service, properly clean the surface free of dirt and debris. Foreign material on the floor or mat can cause slippage and possible injury. It may also damage the back of the mat. Crown will not be liable for any injuries resulting from failure to follow recommended housekeeping procedures. After refinishing floors, follow finish manufacturers guidelines for proper curing of the finish prior to placing entrance matting in place. Placing entrance mats too soon after refinishing can cause mats to stick to the floor due to plasticizer migration from the finish.


Crown Foam Products (Tuff-Spun® family and Comfort-King™ family) are designed for use in clean, dry, light to medium duty applications. The product life will largely relate to the wear conditions of the environment. Abrasion wear is directly related to the amount of particulate (dirt) on the matting, the aggressiveness of the shoe, and the amount of pivoting on the matting. In like conditions, the Zedlan™ foam utilized in our Comfort-King™ Family will last three times as long as traditional vinyl sponge (i.e. Tuff-Spun®).

General life expectancy of foam matting in a clean, dry environment:

  • Standard Vinyl Foam (i.e. Tuff-Spun®) - 9-18 months
  • Zedlan™ Foam Products (Comfort-King™ Family) - 2-3 years

NOTE: A solid top, foam backed product (i.e. Workers-Delight™ and Industrial Deck Plate) should be used in environments with moderate particulate (dirt), aggressive sole shoes or heavy pivoting (excessive pivoting on a sponge product will not only prematurely wear the product, it could also lead to unnecessary stress on the leg as foam matting may have a tendency to grab the foot when pivoting).

Spike heels, chair legs, and punctures or cuts to the matting void warranty. All matting should be properly maintained according to "Mat Use and Care Instructions."


All Image Products have a limited warranty of one year against defects in material and workmanship. Image Product warranty supersedes regular product warranties, unless part of the Total Confidence Warranty Program.

This warrany is subject to change without notice.

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