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NoTrax® Warranty Information

This warrany is subject to change without notice.

All NOTRAX® floor matting is manufactured of the highest quality material and workmanship. Dependability and service of our products are guaranteed under normal conditions of use, or a full refund or replacement (based on the manufacturer’s discretion) will be made. Buyer has the responsibility to determine the suitability of the product and assumes any liability in connection with such use. Seller shall not be liable for damages in excess of purchase price of product.Warranty does not apply to splicing or seaming of mats. Laminate - top products (including UniFusion™ products) with foam backing are not guaranteed against spike heels or stool legs.

Superior Manufacturing Group guarantees the bond on all NoTrax® laminated mats that incorporate the UniFusion™ process for the lifetime of the mat. The bond is guaranteed under normal conditions of use in reasonable dry application environments, or a full refund or replacement mat (based on the manufacturer’s discretion) will be issued. Proof of purchase is required for all refunds or replacements. This lifetime warranty protects against de-lamination or bond failure, and does not cover issues unrelated to the bond such as wear or foam tears.


All products are manufactured to meet or exceed normal industry standards. Reasonable variations in size and/or color may occur. Tolerances will vary by manufacturing process. For specific information on any given product, contact our customer service department.

Full Rolls on carpet mats only have vinyl borders on the sides, ends are not provided with any nosing. If finished, nosed ends are required, the roll is priced at the “Cut Lengths” level which is a 15% up-charge.

All Entrance matting passes the Flammability Test DOC-FF-1-70. The only carpeted entrance mats that should be considered for splicing are the #130 Sabre/Polyplush™ and the #131 Dante™. Matting should never be stored on-end. For proper storage, roll mat with top surface to the outside and lay flat in a protected area. Do not stack any materials or other matting on top of a stored mat. When placing a mat into service, be certain that the floor to be covered and the back of the mat are completely free of dirt and debris. Foreign material on the floor or the mat will cause slippage and possible injury. Manufacturer will not be liable for any injuries resulting from failure to follow recommended housekeeping procedures. Frequent cleaning under mats is also required to maintain warranty.

This warrany is subject to change without notice.

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