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NoTrax Anti-Fatigue Mats

NoTrax Anti-Fatigue matting are mats that alleviate foot pressure, stimulate blood circulation and help reduce stress on the neck, legs and lower back.

There are a few benefits to anti-fatigue matting. In many industries employees are required to work or stand in one spot for extended periods of time which in return applies strain and stress on the neck, legs and lower back. This in turn can be directly linked to the employees overall health and productivity.

Anti-Fatigue floor mats can very simply help reduce the negative effect of standing all day.

How Does An Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Work?

The cushion or flex of the anti-fatigue mat stimulates minute, un-detectable muscle movement in the legs and calf muscles as the body continuously adjusts to remain stable. This in turn increases blood flow to and from the area, and the improved circulation reduces the pain and discomfort. Floor matting also provides insulation and relief from cold/damp floors, another cause of accelerated fatigue.

There is also a common belief that the reduction of fatigue also reduces the possibility or frequency of accidents and improves general work efficiency. With the use of anti-fatigue mats, there are fewer days lost to injuries, fewer medical claims, as well as compliance with new health and safety requirements.

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