Carpet Matting Cleaning Suggestions

Carpet Matting Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines, Tips & Suggestions

To help you get the best possible use of your carpet mat and to maintain its appearance and usefulness over the longest possible time, here are some best practice cleaning suggestions:

Note: After removing from the box, the carpet mat should lay flat in a warm, dry environment for several hours to allow it to relax and uncurl before placed into service.

Clean Your Mat Regularly

Regular cleaning will imrove the overall appear-ance of entrances where visitors get their first impression of your business or home.

Vacuum or Broom Daily

This is important especially in heavy traffic areas. Best results are obtained when carpet surface is dry.

Shedding or Fuzzing - A shedding or fuzzing condition is not a carpet defect, but rather common to all new fabrics. This will disappear after a few vacuumings.

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Spot & Stain Removal

When a spill occurs, absorb as much liquid as possible with any clean absorbent material. On oil or grease based stains, use dry cleaning fluid in small amounts and blot until stain is removed.

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Wet Shampooing

When daily care (vacuuming, etc.) fails to restore color of carpet surface due to excessive embedded soil, shampooing is recommended. Use any neutral synthetic detergent with tepid water (1/2 cup per gallon of water). Hand brush method will yield good results. Use sponge or cloth to remove suds.

If carpet is matted with excessive soil, use detergent with brushing as described and follow by rinsing with cool water until soil is removed. Remove excess water with floor squeegee and place in an inclined position to drain dry. If on-site maintenance is not available, manufacturer recommends mats be sent to reputable rug cleaner and be professionally shampooed for a nominal cost. If professional shampooing is required, use only flat washing equipment, and temperature not exceeding 120ยบ F. Manufacturer cannot be responsible for damage resulting from cleaning in rotary laundering equipment.

Storage & Handling

  1. Roll carpet in compact roll with pile facing out
  2. Lay flat
  3. Do not crush
  4. Store in a moderate temperature and dry area

CAUTION: If the borders on matting become broken or curled, the matting should be removed from service until the tripping hazard can be corrected.

Matting must never be stored on-end. This will cause the edges to curl and will void warranty. For proper storage, roll mat with top surface to the outside and lay flat in a protected area. Do not stack any materials or other mating on top of a stored mat.

When placing a mat into service, be certain that the floor to be covered and the back of the mat are completely free of dirt and debris. Foreign material on the floor or the mat will cause slippage and possible injury. Manufacturer will not be liable for any injuries resulting from failure to follow recommended housekeeping procedures. Frequent cleaning under mats is also required to maintain warranty.


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